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Art Aqua has filed a patent for a technology that allows radioactive elements to quickly and easily be converted into a neutral substance if placed in a special solution and exposed to a laser.

Radioactive substances were literally knocked out of metal when placed in a special aqueous solution. Gold placed in the solution of radioactive thorium 232 ceased to emit radiation with the advent of nanoparticles.

Transmutation occurred. The same result was achieved with uranium 238. Cesium 137, best known from the tragedy in Fukushima, which usually decays in nature over 30 years, turned into neutral barium under these conditions in an hour.

By placing the solution in such conditions, we change the environment of the nuclei of its atoms – the state of the outer shells of electrons.

To accelerate the decay the solution must contain a refractory metal, such as gold, silver or titanium.

“The rate of decay of a substance depends on the chemical environment – the outer electrons of its atoms,” Professor Shafeyev explained. “Obviously, we are changing their electron configuration because the nanoparticles are able to locally enhance the laser electromagnetic field.

For the experiment a sensitive gamma-ray spectrometer was directed on ultra-pure germanium to a physics laboratory. Using this device enabled scientists to watch the process in real time. The control experiment was held with caesium 137.

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