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As you know there are only a few elements that can not be reproduced artificially and/or substituted…



One can not filter Time, and one should not filter Love, but all the others we do best!

Beautiful woman drinking a glass of pure drinking water in her kitchen

Water is one of the most fascinating elements on our planet. Three-quarters of the earth is covered with it. Water is the source of our life. We are born into it and all our life depends on it. We humans consist of approximately 75% water – that makes water the most important component in our body. It is scientifically proven that our health and life quite literally depend on the quality of our drinking water.

And the responsibility for the quality thereof rests squarely upon our own shoulders…

Protect Your Health and Quality of Life with ArtAqua

Your household, business, city and/or country could be enjoying exceptionally pure, healthy water!

No Chemicals

No Chlorine or other chemicals is needed to keep water fresh and safe for 180 days and longer.

Patented Technology

Patented “SKOV” material is designed to treat heavy arsenic as well as nitrates in water at a very competitive cost.

We Cater for All

Filtration/purification plants of various sizes are possible – from household size to major industry-sized plants.

Much More Effective

De-salinisation of Sea Water is less energy intensive and our mineral makes it 50% more effective.

Artesian Sources

Our unique technology is most effectively used in the purification of artesian (underground) water sources.


Minerals that are added in the filtration process turns the water into a health supplement.