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Fight Nestlé & Coca Cola with us – let’s go over the rainbow!


Art Aqua Number1Water (UAE) Ltd. is offering to become a shareholder and by this have a seat on the board. Currently, shares are up for sale. The minimum price for one share is set at 100,000 AED. 

Art Aqua Number1Water (UAE) Ltd. is the owner of exclusive licenses for the GCC territory of four unique patent applications:

  1. 1.) Water purification eliminating arsenics, nitrates, heavy metals, bacteria and even radioactive substances from water by the worlds only molecular membrane providing pure water with pH 7.8 without the use of any chemicals such as chlorine.

2.) 100% ecological Seawater desalination leaving no brine behind at low energy costs providlng potable water at 0.40 € per cubic meter.

3.) Zero Emission recyclable Tritan bottle for a 100% BPA-free healthy water condumption.

4.) Speedy decontamination of nuclear waste. 

For investors, who are not aspiring to become a shareholder Art Aqua Number1Water (UAE) Ltd. offers a 5 year convertible bond bearing 5% interest p.a. from 1,000,000 AED on.

NUMBER1WATER Pty (SA) Ltd., our South African company starting operating two water bottling plants and deploying six desalination plants is currently selling 2,000 of the total 10,000 shares for 5,000 ZAR per share. Offering period expires 17th April 2019.

Contact us: inform@artaqua.co

Art Aqua is a proud member of the UN global compact