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Water means Food, means Freedom & Democracy

Dear Visitor, welcome to ArtAqua,
Water in all countries is used as a key component of production and one can relate all production to the use of this commodity and also put a ‘price tag’ on water. South Africa for instance exports water, not in liquid form but by being a major food exporter.

But, also the production of steel translates into water. It is more visible how much water any kind of production requires if one relates it to products of daily use.

The production of beef for instance relates to 15,500 litres per kilogram that of a T-shirt: 2700 litres
1 kg of rice: 3,400 litres
A 4 sheet of paper: 10 litres for one page
Goat: 4000 litres per kg
Cotton: 11,000 litres per kg
Cheese: 5000 litres per kg
Maize: 900 litres per kg
cup of coffee: 140 litres per 150 ml
an apple: 70 litres.

After peak gold had been reached many years ago, peak oil was reached in 2007, at the end of 2010 in Egypt peak water had been reached and that is why food became scarce. In South Africa but also in Argentina acid mine drainage water (AMD) poses a severe problem and the costs are huge, bigger than all the gold ever could pay for. In this sense water is more precious than gold.

Water is the only commodity that can not be substituted.

We can help making sources available (such as fossil water, artesian waters, sea water) that so far have not been usable because of contamination as we are able to purify those sources with a very low energy and 60% less cost than any other reverse osmosis technology.

Usually, desalination is a death spiral as one needs more energy than what can be achieved as output. Not so with our technology!

Our method is the only one that is energy and cost efficient, especially because we do not use any chemicals for keeping water fresh and healthy. The best development aid is to invest into people’s water security. This is for all social classes!

In the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear power accident our technology successfully participated in the Japanese Government’s Fukushima – tender. Out of 779 participants 3 were chosen: Kurion Inc., General Electric-Hitachi Canada and ROSRoa, the Russian state agency under whose roof we are implementing parts of our technology in order to clear up to 800 tons of water per day that are used for cooling the reactor of which about 400 tons of heavily contaminated water were trickling into groundwater and then into the Pacific Ocean.

Our technology is the only one that extracts radioactive substances such as Caesium 134 & 137, Strontium, Germanium and Tritium from water by 99.2%.

Art Aqua International Ltd. is registered in the Republic of Ireland and through it’s strategic partnership with Radiy (OAO) Moscow is seeking to implement the water purification technology as well as the ART AQUA concept in all parts of the world.

Concrete steps in negotiations with partner companies and governments have been undertaken in Argentina and South Africa. In both countries the authorities are supporting our endeavours. President Putin and Argentinean President Cristina Kirchner signed a cooperation agreement that also covers our technology transfer.

I met with President Kirchner, Industry Minister Girorgi, Science Minister Banuelo and Economic’s & Finance Minister Bodou several times. In South Africa I met with Water Minister and Human Settlements Minister Kota-Fredericks. All these officials support our projects actively.

In Canada, we are establishing offices and projects in support of the First Nations communities of native Canadians to provide healthy, clean and safe water free from Uranium contamination.

Please note that our technology is the only reverse osmosis based system that does not require any chemicals such as Chlorine in order to keep water fresh and safe for up to 180 days. Because we need 60% less energy and use no chemicals we are able to reduce costs significantly and by this make clean and safe water available to ALL social classes in all parts of the world.

Please feel free to contact me for any further information or if you are interested in forming a joint venture with us in your home country.


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Ralph T. Niemeyer

Director Art Aqua Int’l. Ltd.

Art Aqua is a proud member of the UN global compact 

contact: niemeyer@artaqua.co


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