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The Acid Mine Drainage Water Crisis in Kenya and Tanzania is affecting severely the groundwater in Serengeti and cause the direct suffering and death to animals while the heavy metals, arsenics and even radioactive uranium contained in the water from disused gold mines also pose a permanent threat to human beings and the environment in general. Governments and businesses deny or ignore the problem. That’s why in April 2022 ArtAqua Foundation Germany specialised in dealing with acid mine drainage water as well as the decontamination of water polluted by radionuclides, launched a rescue mission for Serengeti.

Water probes taken from Mara River show a terrible pollution:

pH 3.7
mg per liter
Be 5.15
Ta 0.5
Nb 0.18
Cu 3.6
Zn 0.74
Fe 0.2
Ca 131
Mg 1.51
Sr 0.54
Mn 35.5
K 54
Pb 0.02
P 1.2
Cr 0.02
U 6.1
Li 16.3
Na 3,500
SO4 23,106
NH4 10,302
F 216
NO2 63
NO3 11.904
CI 901
As 0.1

And the water analysis from Orangi River is not better either:

pH 3.9

mg per liter

Be 4.86

Ta 0.4

Nb 0.16

Cu 3.2

Zn 0.71

Fe 0.2

Ca 124

Mg 1.46

Sr 0.52

Mn 33.8

K 47

Pb 0.018

P 1.1

Cr 0.017

U 2.6

Li 11.3

Na 2,437

SO4 16,541

NH4 9,188

F 145

NO2 48

NO3 8.253

CI 628

As 0.1

Animals are dying in Serengeti already by dozens this year, game reserve staff is telling speaking on condition of anonymity to us.

Our combined technology is designed to pre-clean acid mine drainage water from heavy metals while in a second phase decontaminating water from Uranium as well as any other radionuclides by 99.2% bringing it back to below 20 bq/l making it become potable water again which can be released back into the environment without posing any harm. Here you will find the power point presentation of our technology being already in use in South Africa:

ART AQUA Presentation_AquaMag

And, by our new Aragon technology, we are able to extract and make re-usable even smallest particles of heavy metals and gold, winning back every molecule!

Art Aqua is a proud member of the UN global compact