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Gold in the form of its cyanide complex is desorbed from activated carbon by contacting the carbon with a stripping liquid at temperatures above that 130*C but below the decomposition temperature of the gold cyanide complex. The stripping liquid may comprise water, dilute caustic or dilute caustic cyanide. ArtAqua sells such system at arm’s length and combines the technologies to become one operational plant since one wouldn’t be allowed to release the cyanide leachate water into the environment.



A sample construction which we can design for customer’s specific needs while meeting environmental requirements: 


SGS metallurgists developed and continue to improve on these cost-effective, time-tested and proven processes. In each, activated carbon is used to extract gold from the cyanide leach solution. Such a carbon recovery system offers high recovery rates and lower capital and operating costs. These carbon recovery techniques include:

  • Carbon-in-pulp 
    The ore is crushed, finely ground and mixed with the cyanide leach solution to form a slurry in an agitation tank. The activated carbon is introduced into the slurry and then removed by screening once it is fully loaded or “pregnant” with gold.

  • Carbon-in-leach
    This process is very similar to the CIP process. The main differences lie in the preparation of the slurry and method for removing the gold from the leachate. In a CIL process, the carbon is mixed with the leachate solution, not with pulp. This is a much less abrasive system meaning that the carbon lasts much longer than in a CIP process. 

  • Carbon-in-columns
    During this process, the cyanide leaching solution passes through columns filled with ore. The process is highly effective for removing gold from low grade ore.
  • ArtAqua provides for the perfect solution as it also captures the molecular particles and makes these re-usable, thus truly improving the ecological footprint of the gold industry.




ideal for extracting gold and precious metals as well as the removal of alkali metals such as lithium

Our medium sized industrial unit is weighing only 1800 kg and can produce 200,000 liters per 24 hours of high quality potable water without an electricity plug or generator but solely from a solar panel with a battery for storage. The modules can be attached in a plant and by this increase output. There is no limit!

It is ideally used for extracting, recouping as well as recycling gold and other precious metals. Carbon capture and separation of gold are only some features of this technology. We have the solution gold separation. 

Modern Goldrush! Russian Ministry of Finance Publishes Data on Precious Metal Industry! – YouTube


It is the perfect tool for clearing artesian and fossil wells as well as rivers by solar power, hydroelectric power float (on rivers) or micro-gas-turbine all of which we provide as well.

The application for the new flagship product from ArtAqua is in the field of industry. Wherever pure water is required in large amounts, such as in large bakeries, beverage plants, breweries, pasta producers, hotels, restaurants or laundries, the ArtAqua 111-2t is the right solution. With dimensions of 4.400 mm x 5.200 mm x 4.000 mm (W / D / H) and a maximum capacity of 200,000 litres in 24 hours, an excellent performance size ratio is again achieved.

Our technology does not require any chloride for keeping water fresh for up to 180 days because of the added anti-bacterial minerals.

Read here about the ‘Death-Motor’ Chlorine.

The ArtAqua 111-2t is a modular water treatment system with three high-performance modules. Each module has an axial piston pump with a maximum working pressure of 60 bar at 138 litres / minute and three high-performance membranes, each with a production rate of up to 199,000 litres / 24 h.

Our technnology is being used in Chernobyl and Fukushima as it is the only one proven to decontaminate water by 99.2% from nuclear substances such as Caesium 134 and Tritium

For this purpose, each module uses two pre-filter units and three energising modules (HE) working in parallel. Control technology, including a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), as well as pressure and system performance monitor, are also installed in each module. Each module also has a TDS tester, which constantly monitors the temperature and conductivity in µS or ppm. The ArtAqua 111-2t impresses with a water ratio of 1:1 or even as high as 1:0.995 of ultra-pure water (permeate) to waste water (concentrate). With a filtration rate from 95 to 98.9 percent and a high flow rate, the high requirements of different sectors can still be met in the industry.

In combination with our ArtAqua purification technology, even desalinated water becomes a health supplement. 


Each module operates independently and therefore operates autonomously within the system itself. Maintenance, such as filter changes, can be carried out during operation, since only the corresponding module is removed from service. Easy access via the front also makes the maintenance simple and quick. The signaling of necessary maintenance is performed optically. For safety at work, an earth-protective circuit-breaker is installed. To perform the legally prescribed or self-determined quality control of the water sufficiently, at any time and very easily, water samples can be taken directly from each module through the installed stainless steel tap. Although each module operates autonomously, the entire system is operated by a central control system.

The “Water-in-the-Desert” – Program also serves the purpose of producing energy and fighting climate change efficiently.



Technical data

Height x Width x Depth 4.400 mm, 5.200 mm, 4.000 mm
Weight without water approx. 1800 kg
Water consumption approx. 120 – 140 l / min. at full power
Water connection according to the arrangement
Waste water connection according to the arrangement
Water production within 24 hours max. 200,000 l
Filtration rate 95 % – 98.9 %
Pure water sewage ratio 1:1 – 0.995


RRP 249,995 US$ (excluding VAT)

(Smaller unit for max. 100,000 l per 24hrs available for 149,995 US$)

A complete system combining the carbon separation technology which Art Aqua can sell at arm’s length together with it’s water purification technology would cost approximately 2,500,000 USD. Specific offers can be made upon request. 

contact Mrs. Linda Sommerschütt: inform@artaqua.co


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