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marginally acceptable water quality leaves plant with a TDS level of 150

The water taken from a nearby reservoir is being treated at Morton Jaffrey plant and contains 6mg of Cl, (WHO recommends between 1 and 2 mg/l), a lot of lime to bring up the Ph level to 7 which generally would be kind of acceptable for potable water of a major city of Harare. But, once it has passed through a corrosive pipe system to reach the end-consumer it massively deteriorates accumulating up to 340 TDS.


In the tap’s nose a lot of granulate is to be found indicating how heavy contamination actually is:

Once the electrolyte test was conducted on the two samples the result shows that the raw water after electrolyte treatment for 60 seconds contains 165 ppm TDS while it was before 153. Water filtered by the ArtAqua-Bestwater filter at only 1 bar pressure showed 41 ppm TDS (probably would be 20 if pressure was at least 3 bar) and after electrolyte 30 ppm TDS.


After putting all the chemicals into the Morton Jaffrey treatment plant the water from there still had 143 ppm TDS meaning the method is rather inefficient and expensive.

What is striking is the fact that the pipes are probably very corrosive in the city as one measured a level of 343 ppm TDS on tap water in the hotel meaning that although the water quality from Morton Jaffrey may be marginally acceptable, once it reaches the end user it definetly is not consumable any longer.

Applying ArtAqua technology at the plant would spare the city from using carbonate, lime and alkaline etc. for bringing down acidity and ensure a healthy pH level between 7.5 and 8.5 as well as a TDS level of 20 ppm but even when ArtAqua water will be put through these old pipes it would also accumulate these 200 ppm on it’s way to the end user and also exceed the 100 ppm margin by far although still being within the range of not seriously harming the health of the consumer.

Advice to authorities would be to use a heavy gauge elastic pipe instead of the heavy metal pipes from probably 100 years ago.

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