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ArtAqua has teamed up with Earthtechnologies of Lebanon and formed a strategic alliance providing energy by solar power wherever feasible and pure water especially in rural Africa but in the very near future also in India as well as South America.

Wherever solar power is not sufficiently available our emissionfree microgasturbine is providing more energy than required for operating our water purification or desalination units by this reducing the carbon footprint significantly. 


More and more problems arise in coastal regions because of old-style desalination that leads up to 40% of brine back into the sea. Since salt is binding oxygen death-zones are being created along beaches, especially in touristic spots such as Cancun in Mexico from where the biggest ever seaweed plague stretches across the Atlantic towards the shores of the African continent. 


Not only an extremely unpleasant smelly experience for tourists but rather an ecological disaster threatening wildlife in the oceans and seas around the globe. For the first time ever a complete assessment of the damage caused by more than 16,000 desalination plants worldwide has been conducted and published by the UN. 

ArtAqua’s innovative waterwin desalination technology is the only one worldwide that causes no brine and by being driven with either solar power or emissionfree microgasturbine is energy autonomous and by this 100% ecological.

For more information please find our PowerPoint presentation here:

0_ArtAqua Desalination Presentation website


In combination with ArtAqua’s water purification technology, even desalinated water becomes a healthy supplement:




All ArtAqua technologies are manufactured in Germany

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Art Aqua is a proud member of the UN global compact 


Earthtechnologies President George Abboud with ArtAqua Founder Ralph T Niemeyer