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ideal for Hospital, Restaurant, Spa


The Jungbrunnen ArtAqua 88-00 was developed specifically for the hospitality sector and use in commercial kitchens. The slim design and the related dimensions are perfectly suited for integration into standard kitchen cabinets.

A very light aluminium housing, powder coated in black, has removable covers on all sides for better maintenance and ease of filter change.

At the beginning of the process, the tap water is prepared in the sediment pre-filters for water purification. The sediment filter ensures that suspended particles and coarse particles are filtered out so that they do not enter into the high pressure pump.

The pressure of the water supply is now raised by a high-performance pump to about 22 – 25 bar. All components of this pump are made of stainless steel and of the highest quality. The 1-kW electric motor provides continuous pressure and works with about 60% of its rated power. This ensures high reliability.

Most diseases are being spread and enter human bodies by the means of water. To provide anti-bacterial fresh water is a health supplement. Arsenics, nitrates, polymers and nuclear substances are responsible for cancer and other diseases. Our technology does not require any chloride for keeping water fresh for up to 180 days because of the added anti-bacterial minerals.

Read here about the ‘Death-Motor’ Chloride.

All internal high-pressure lines are food safe and adapted to a pressure of 150 bar. All connections and manifolds are made of stainless steel and are also food safe.

Two 40“-TFC high-pressure membranes from Filmtec with a total capacity of 6,000 litres per day are used to remove almost all impurities (97-99%) from the tap water. The two high-pressure membranes are each located in a housing made of a twisted glass fibre membrane, which is designed for 35 bar. The membrane pressure is additionally displayed by two high pressure manometers. These are also made of stainless steel and filled with glycerine for better functioning.

The pure drinking water is now stored in a 20-25 litre reservoir pressure tank and made available with a pressure of 2-5 bar. A non-pressurized storage container can also be connected.

Technical data

Height x Width x Depth 750 mm – 810 mm, 300 mm, 520 mm
Weight without water approx. 60 kg
Power supply 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Power consumption for
water production
1,1 kW
Power consumption
in standby
< 4 W
Water supply 3/4“
Waste water drain hose connection
Water production within 24 hours 6,000 litres
Water production per minute 4.1 litres
Pure water sewage ratio 1:0.7 to 1:2

Requirements for tap water

Minimum line pressure 1.5 bar
Water temperature 4.4 °C – 40.5 °C
pH 6.5 to 9.5
Iron content <0.2 mg/l
Salt content <2,000 ppm



RRP  16,450 EUR (excl. VAT)

Art Aqua is a proud member of the UN global compact 


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