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CocaCola Company’s low sodium “arwa” water comes at price of 9mg/l potassium

Potassium is used to soften water and raise the pH level in an attempt to avoid high Chlorine content but while the WHO recommends a 1-2.5 mg/l content of Potassium as ideal, anything above 8 mg/l are considered a serious health threat.

Of course, Potassium is an essential electrolyte, but it should be taken in by normal nutrition which is usually sufficient if one follows an average healthy diet and not by water. This could easily lead to an overdose if more than 8 mg/l are contained in the drinking water.

When suffering from hyperkalemia, or high potassium, the kidneys may not be able to flush the excessive potassium out of the body very likely leading to diabetes 1, cardic diseases and eventually even heart failure.

ArtAqua’s Number1Water is free from any chemicals such as Chlorine and Potassium and nevertheless maintains a healthy pH level of 7.8 at 1013 Hertz giving it through natural ionization a perfect mountain spring water quality. Water is meant to be as pure as possible and serve as a transport mechanism for minerals and vitamins and not a substitute of same.


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