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Updated article June 23rd, 2022

World first Anti-Bacterial mobile Crisis Response Unit ART AQUA C-1000

Art Aqua has established the world’s first Potable Water Crisis Response Unit on industrial level allowing highest possible mobility and deployment within 24 hours in virtually any part of the world enabling to provide healthy, safe, anti-bacterial water for people in need. Capacity of one ARTAQUA C-1000 is 1000 cubic meters of water per 24 hours. The C-1000 is operating by solar energy and therefore can be installed in war zones or regions hit by natural disaster where the usual infrastructure is derelict. It weigs only 1 ton and can be moved around by the size of four Europallets (480cm x 320cm). Helicopters can easily airlift and deploy the C-1000. By only one unit the daily supply of potable water for approximately 5000 people is guaranteed.

Safe, clean, anti-bacterial and healthy Water for all social classes at lowest cost anywhere on the planet irrespective of infrastructure.

Reverse Osmosis system operating without any chemicals keeping water fresh for up to 180 days due to anti-bacterial minerals our tanks and pipes are keeping water 100% clean and safe

Our purification technology is the only one proven to filter even radionuclides such as Caesium 137 by 99.2% bringing down contamination to 20bq/l. Due to the minerals we use, the frequency of our water is 1013 hertz. As our membrane is blocking off even molecules, also a virus has no chances to penetrate our filtration system.

Especially in war zones or areas of nuclear or chemical and/or biological weapon’s contamination like Ebola, our technology can eliminate spreading diseases effectively.

The highly reputable French Institute Pasteur has confirmed to our manufacturer that all bacteria and viruses are being eliminated by 99% from water through our system. Read the artaqua-report-pasteur_lille report here.

Over 1 year’s time of use one cubic meter of potable water costs less than half a Euro (0.50€). One containerized unit ready to be used within 24h at costs of 99,995 US$ (excl. shipment).

ArtAqua technologies are

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