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ArtAqua’s Catalon concept is designed to extract heavy metals and minerals and separate those precious metals such as gold to allow for re-use. Therefore, the Catalon-Line is particularly beneficial for clearance of Acid Mine Drainage Waters. 

All ArtAqua products are proven to eliminate viruses such as Ebola and Covid-19 by 99.95%

ArtAqua Catalon Reverse Osmosis System RO-3000. Short description:

Price: 19,995 US$ excl. VAT
+49 1523 7800892

The standard kit includes:
• Stainless steel frame;
• Fiberglass membrane housings;
• Reverse osmosis membranes -4040 (4’x40 ’) – 8 pcs.;
• Vertical high pressure pump;
• Concentrate recycling line (to reduce input water consumption);
• Hydraulic flushing line (flushing deposits from membranes with an increased flow of water) – with the ability to shut off;
• Low pressure switch (pump protection against dry running);
• High pressure switch;
• Mitsubishi logic controller to control the installation. Allows, in addition to basic functions, to organize various ext. modes – hydraulic flushing, flushing and timer start, etc. (at the request of the customer);
• Phase control relay (protection against voltage drops in the network, phase failure, improper phase rotation);
• 4 manometers;
• 3 rotameters (on the filtrate, concentrate and recirculation line);
• Control valves;
• Armature for connecting the unit for chemical washing of membranes;
• Connectors for float level sensors;
• Solenoid valve at the entrance to the installation;   

Technical characteristics of the installation:

  • Source water temperature – from + 5 ° C to + 40 ° C;
  • Nominal productivity (at a temperature of + 25 ° C): – 2 * m3 / hour;
  • The consumption of source water in the filtration mode is not less than 3 m3 / hour (depends on the quality of the source water); equal to 72,000 liters per 24 hours.
  • The volume of concentrate discharged into the drain is at least 1 m³ / hour;
    The degree of extraction of the filtrate is 50-65%;
  • Overall dimensions: height – 1510 mm, depth – 750 mm, width – 2800 mm;
    The number of membrane elements – 8 pcs.;
  • Working pressure – 8 – 12 bar;
  • Supply voltage – ~ 380 V, 50 Hz;
  • Power consumption – 4.0 kW;
  • Installation weight – about 160 kg;

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