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Art Aqua Stiftung (Foundation)


For it’s humanitarian and environmental projects and those of a general public interest such as healthy, clean, safe, potable water for all social classes worldwide, Art Aqua Stiftung is currently being incorporated as foundation as a legally responsible entity under German civil law.

The structure of a Stiftung is absolutely straight forward and safe for all members of the Kuratorium as all members are bound to work for the mutual benefit. No creditors or investors draw blood from the Stiftung as it can not have any debts and/or shareholders.

It could actually serve as a model for all industries since the decisions would then be made by the people concerned such as the managers, workers or supporters and not by hedge funds or anonymous investors. It is also more economical and cost effective since all profit has to be re-invested by 100% since Stiftungen are not allowed to disburse profits.

Imagine: no shareholder value has to be served, no interest be paid to some upper-class ultra rich zipping away champagne while workers are being exploited! That is truly Marxist but within the capitalistic society and it is clear that only the purpose is being served.

We invite supporters to show us their projects and will then decide whether or not to participate.

Here you can find information on our industrial scale water purification unit WATER IN THE DESERT

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Phone (Germany): +49 1523 78008

Art Aqua is a proud member of the UN global compact