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world`s only air cleaner that does not require change of filters and doesn’t use harmful UV!

The ArtAqua –  ARPACK Air Clean AC 600 is an air purification device designed for purification and reduction of viral, microbial and other micro particulate contamination. It can be used in medical institutions, residential households, industrial premises and indoor workplaces with regulated amounts of allowed impurities, where air purification must be carried out in the presence or people.

The Air Clean AC 600 is designed for efficient molecular purification of air from miniscule organic pollutants, bacteria viruses, fungi and mold spores in poorly ventilated rooms. Purification of air from organic impurities (including pathogenic micro-flora) occurs through their oxidation on the photo catalytic filtering element, as a result of which such impurities are completely decomposed into trace amounts of water vapor and carbon dioxide.

The case of the device is made of sheet steel and painted with powder paint. Inside the device are two F5-F7 dust
per-filters, and six photo-catalytic filters made using a patented process of sintering porous quartz glass micro beads
with a nanocoating of titanium dioxide, each with a separate no-ozone UV-A LED arrays (315-400nm range). The
service life of photo-catalytic filters is equal to the service life of the device as a whole. Movement of air through the
air purifier occurs using a high-power centrifuge fan, controlled by a separate speed selector button on the front of the device.

The technology is based on the use of photocatalyst supports made of porous quartz glass, which make it
possible to combine mechanical filtration, adsorption and photocatalysis.
The carrier itself is inactive with regard to the action of the photo-catalyst, produces good adhesion and
guarantees good air flow. It has structural strength and a shape that allows UV-A radiation to spread.

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