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100% ecological; NO CHLORIDE!

Scientifically proven to eliminate viruses by 99.95% and radionukleides by 99.2%. Especially in times of Coronavirus and Ebola it is indispensable for protecting the family.

“Jungbrunnen” ArtAqua 66-11 water treatment system provides not only you with the purest drinking water, but also your washing machine and dishwasher with lime and pollution-free water.

In order to ensure that there is always enough water immediately available, a reservoir pressure vessel is included with a capacity of 10 litres in the delivery component of the “Jungbrunnen” ArtAqua 66-11, which acts as an intermediate buffer. If you plan to operate the system with multiple consumers at the same time, we recommend that you select a correspondingly larger unit.

No other molecular filtration system for the home offers as many possibilities of application as the “Jungbrunnen” ArtAqua 66-11!

The installation has never been so easy and clear. All inputs and outputs are permanently connected to the housing and arranged so that nothing stands out. The housing is kept simple and therefore very practical.

Especially in areas of nuclear contamination our technology is the only one proven to effectively decontaminate water by 99.2% from radioactive substances such as Caesium 134 and Tritium. Our technology is currently being applied in Fukushima, too.

The front includes only the access to the control unit of the system, by which all production processes are monitored and regulated.

The controller provides information about the filter change intervals and upcoming rinses and reports the current status.

Thanks to innovative technology, the software can always be improved or optimised through the application of updates. Thus, further developments can be integrated easily to always keep your Well up to the current state-of-the-art level.

The device is only the size of an upended bottle crate. With a production capacity of up to 2,500 litres of potable water within 24 hours, this is an enormous size to performance ratio. To achieve this same production capacity, competitors frequently need four to seven times the volume.

The integrated high-energising module with stainless steel spiral for clockwise-rotating water, rock crystal and coral sand ensures soft and tasty water.

No other molecular filtration system offers as many possibilities of application as the “Jungbrunnen” ArtAqua 66-11. And don’t forget we do not use any chemicals such as Chloride to keep water fresh for up to 180 days.

Read here, how dangerous Chlorides are:

Death motor Chlorine

Technical data

Height x Width x Depth 421 mm x 295 mm x 430 mm
Weight without water approx. 19 kg
Power supply 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Power consumption for
water production
170 W
Power consumption
in standby
< 1 W
Water supply 3/4“
Waste water drain hose connection
Water production within 24 hours 2,500 litres
Water production per minute 1.7 litres
Pure water sewage ratio 1 :  1.2
Raw water requirement per minute approx. 4 litres

Storage tank made of stainless steel

Height x Width x Depth 385 mm x 280 mm x 280 mm
Capacity approx. 10 l
Output pressure from 0.4 to 3.2 bar
Connection 3/8“ – JG-Quick connection

Requirements for tap water

Line pressure min. 1.5 bar
Line pressure max. 4.5 bar
Water temperature 5 °C – 40.5 °C
pH 6.5 to 9.5
Iron content <0.2 mg/l
Salt content <2,000 ppm

RRP 4,995 US$ (excl. VAT)


The 3-way ArtAqua water-tap comes in a distinctive design and therefore presents itself as functional and elegant in surgical stainless steel.

With the combination of high-quality stainless steel mixed with an integrated additional outlet for your ArtAqua drinking water, you get a highly compact and beautiful 3-way stainless steel water tap.

The outlet can be pivoted through 360° despite its internal water pipes made of stainless steel for hot and cold tap water and the ArtAqua-water. This means that you can mount the 3-way water tap at any position on the sink and always enjoy the purified ArtAqua-water.


The reservoir of ArtAqua for the Jungbrunnen systems stores the purified drinking water for later removal.

No matter how much water is taken, the system is designed so that there is always sufficient drinking water available. For proper operation, internal air pressure of approx. 0.3 – 0.5 bar is required. Only in this range is it possible to easily remove the purified drinking water from the container.

With its dimensions of 385 mm in height and 280 mm in diameter, it fits perfectly under any kitchen sink.

additionally a solar panel & battery can be connected to ensure 100% ecological performance:

IMG_5663[1]RRP 495 EUR (incl. VAT)

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