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December 2015 094

Art Aqua enters the Chinese market 2015


A better life is a subjective perception and has a different meaning for each person. There are hundreds of books, foods, training courses and life counsellors who promise a better life for all. What is a better life for you personally?

Does a better life for you mean slowing down every day to save time, doing good for your family, living a more environmentally conscious and ecologically sustainable living, gaining a little more independence, having the security at any time to consume clean and pure drinking water, or even avoiding unnecessary costs and thereby saving some money? If the answer is „Yes“ to any of these goals, then Art Aqua is an investment in a better life for you. It‘s the little details that have a large effect on everyday life.

With an Art Aqua reverse osmosis water filter system, the question is one of how many water bottles are still available, compared to the past. Shopping and hauling bottled water is also passé. Just like the stress when one suddenly notices that there is hardly any water left at home, making it imperative once more to leave the home simply so that there is something to drink for you and your family. With the Art Aqua reverse osmosis water filter system, a more than sufficient supply of fresh, pure water is always available. In this way, some of life’s everyday chores and worries can be eliminated resulting in a slightly more relaxed pace of life.

Concerns about the quality of drinking water are unnecessary. The quality of drinking water varies between water from the tap or water bought in bottles. Depending on climatic conditions, region or industrial pollution, even the quality of drinking water from the tap will differ. With just over 40 biological and chemical parameters in drinking water regulations, the monitoring of the best controlled food of Germany is somewhat questionable from the present standpoint. Regularly published, independent testing of consumer protection organisations, such as the ‘Öko-Test’ or ‘Stiftung Warentest’, also raises doubts about bottled water with respect to the considerable extent of impurities and chemical substances that it may contain. An Art Aqua reverse osmosis water filter system gives you the confidence to consume really pure water without any organic or chemical substances. The knowledge that the water contains no viruses, bacteria, drugs, nitrates, pesticides, fertilizers, bisphenols, phthalates, heavy metals or other substances and compounds provides security and is one more important aspect of a better life.

The knowledge of doing something nutritionally good for one‘s own family with pure water also creates a feeling that can make for a better life. Additionally, there is a clear conscience when it comes to personal eco-balance. Bottled water consumes large amounts of energy and raw material resources as it is processed, bottled, packaged, shipped and transported until it finally ends up with the end user, whose own energy consumption of gasoline can be then also be added to the equation. The disposal of empty bottles is another step in the chain of raw material and energy consumption. A deposit/returnable bottle system is better than disposable plastic bottles, but they also must be transported and cleaned again. Environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles have become a global problem that has reached dramatic proportions affecting wildlife and nature. By using an Art Aqua reverse osmosis water filtering system, you protect and preserve the environment significantly and in a sustainable manner.

Another positive aspect to consider is the cost savings. The price of drinking water from the tap is only a fraction compared to that of bottled water. The high efficiency of Art Aqua reverse osmosis water filter systems with a permeate to concentrate ratio of 1:1 represents the ultimate value. The pre-filter only needs to be changed after months of use on the basis of the already very good water available from the tap due to the German Drinking Water Ordinance. The molecular membrane has a life span of decades, so Art Aqua provides a warranty of 30 years. All these aspects give you independence, security and control in many ways. Decide for yourself whether this statement applies to you!

Art Aqua is a proud member of the UN global compact