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ArtAqua + Aero~Nano Horticulture Solution
(Increase Crop Yields from 28%-35%)

Farmers and Horticulturists globally
understand the benefits of clean, stable
and aerated irrigation water. We deliver
the world’s finest solution by combining the
ArtAqua water purification technology for clean
and stable water with the nano bubble system
by Titan Water Technologies for dynamically
enhanced aerated irrigation water by
increasing the dissolved oxygen (DO) to over
25ppm using ambient air and to over 50ppm if
using concentrated oxygen. All
horticulture species are somewhat
different, but a grower can expect an
additional 28%-35% increase in crop
yield with this solution.

The process is simple: Use the power of the ArtAqua + Aero-Nano Bundle
Simply (1) purify and stabilize the incoming water with the ArtAqua water filtration system.
ArtAqua always delivers Neutral (7.5-7.8) pH, natural ionization to 1013 Hertz and always
less than 20 ppm TDS. (2) Flow the water through Titan Water Technology’s Aero~Nano
advanced aeration system to create the finest nanobubble delivery system.

The Aero~Nano programable control panel will allow the user to customize the flow rate and desired Dissolved Oxygen concentration as needed for different growth periods. (3) Add nutrients to your make-up tank and irrigate!


Why Clean and Stable Water?
Unlike traditional Reverse Osmosis systems, ArtAqua water purification technology will
strip ALL contaminants from the water molecule and always delivers Neutral (7.5-7.8) pH,
natural ionization to 1013 Hertz and always less than 20 ppm TDS.

Regardless of your water source, you can always count on your water being clean/pure
and stable to this standard. Now your nutrient and other additive partners can formulate
exactly what your crops require knowing the composition and stability of your purified
water. And there are no contaminating elements present to clog your irrigation and drip

Why Nano Bubbles?
Nano Bubbles are small, very small. Titan Water makes bubbles that are consistently below
50nm. Titan Water also makes a lot of bubbles for super-concentrations of Dissolved
Oxygen. Not all clients require super-concentrations, but it’s there if needed.
Prior to the availability of Nano Bubbles, Dissolved Oxygen (DO) concentrations were only
thought to be 8ppm. Now DO levels can easily reach 25ppm using ambient air and achieve
>50ppm when using concentrated Oxygen as the feed gas.

Users of advanced aeration will often confuse Nano Bubbles with Micro Bubbles. Nano Bubbles are fundamentally different as measured by Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (OTE). Micro Bubbles exhibit around 6% OTE, while Nano Bubbles exhibit around 90% OTE. This massive increase is related to both Neutral Buoyancy and increased Interfacial Surface Area.

Simply stated, Nano Bubbles don’t rise and off-gas to the environment and with high volumes of smaller bubbles in a similar space, the surface area for transferring Oxygen into the surrounding water is greatly increased.

Other advantages: Highly Scalable solution, Non-Chemical, Algae Prevention, Stabilized DO throughout the irrigation loop, operates at high temperatures, H2S removal, Emulsified Oil Removal, works on very low pressure (max 29 psi), extremely low energy cost >60% energy reduction vs. blowers and high horsepower surface aerators, environmentally friendly electrical charge.

Engineering and Installation

The ArtAqua – Aero~Nano horticulture solution will be properly fitted to your operation’s
requirements by Titan Water Technologies, your one-stop for Environmental Services, Water Testing, Installation and Construction Services throughout North America. Please contact us if you have any questions about water or water treatment equipment.

Pricing, Ordering and Engineering

The ArtAqua – Aero~Nano horticulture solution is competitive with all fully operational high
crop yielding nano bubble water systems and is more energy efficient with significantly lower
maintenance costs year over year. For more information, please contact:

ArtAqua North America for USA at (760) 485-7585     Steven Cady   cady@artaqua.co
Titan Water Technologies (Stephen Anderson) at (408) 623 6381



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