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Does the following situation sound familiar? You are thirsty, go to the water dispenser and the container is empty. Before you get the coveted and refreshing water, you must first remove the empty container and replace it with a full one. It is frequently the case that the full water tank is not stored next to the water dispenser and thus has to be fetched. Due to its size (about 20 litres), such a replacement container usually weighs around 20 kg, and is not necessarily easy to change for everyone. Then someone has to be asked for help. That‘s just one drawback of the classical water dispenser with 20 litre containers. At a campsite, some of these empty and full containers will also need to take up a certain amount of space that could surely be better used. From where your supplier gets these containers and where they are filled is not always known, and even less understood. You can only hope that the containers were stored and transported professionally after the filling. Whether or not the container in which the precious liquid is delivered is made from food grade material, which contains no plasticizers (so-called bisphenols), you can only guess.

For some time, it has been known that germs and impurities from normal tap water establish themselves in the lines of the classic water dispenser with 20 litre bottles, and once there, they flourish. There are numerous studies and investigations by independent and reputable laboratories and institutes that provide startling results on this topic. Break free from the dependency on your drinking water supplier and be sure that you take clean water of the purest quality for yourself.


The selection of a water dispenser was always quite difficult, because too many factors simply remained unresolved. Choosing the right supplier was not easy. However, you now do not have to worry about such questions. ArtaAqua International has addressed these problems and created the perfect solution designed for you – the Jungbrunnen 25-00.

The Jungbrunnen 25-00 is a reverse osmosis water dispenser which filters drinking water in the machine and delivers the usual ArtAqua quality. A special feature of the Jungbrunnen 25-00 is that purest water is available at three temperature settings for you. At any time, you can have hot ArtAqua available for a delicious aromatic tea, a broth, a coffee or a quick meal. There is extra cool ArtAqua for soothing refreshments on hot days, after exercise or whenever you feel like it. Finally, of course, ArtAqua is available at a pleasant room temperature for those who do not find cold water pleasant. As you probably know, safety as well as quality is a top priority for ArtAqua International and that is why we have set up parental controls on the tap for the hot ArtAqua.

With the Jungbrunnen 25-00, the days of countless drinking water containers standing in your way and taking up space are gone. Use the space you will save for something meaningful and save yourself the trouble of fiddling with heavy and bulky water containers at the same time. Not once will you have to change a water tank on the Jungbrunnen 25-00. With its compact dimensions and sophisticated design, the Jungbrunnen 25-00 is a real eye-catcher and fits stylishly into any environment. As with all ArtAqua filter systems, the installation is incredibly simple and is child’s play to handle.

Why choose a water dispenser with reverse osmosis water? There are several reasons. The storage of waters in transparent containers may be beautiful to look at. However, it is not wise. From the light that impinges on the water, algae and microbial contamination of the water arises, even in a sealed container. This cannot occur with fresh filtered osmosis water stored directly after filtration in a tank protected from light inside the water dispenser. The realisation of enjoying chilled fresh and pure water makes for a perfect experience. In addition, osmosis water is the best foundation for making mixed beverages, such as fruit juices, smoothies and shakes. Fruit concentrates can only reach their optimal flavour if the water in which they are mixed is pure.

Although drinking water is strictly controlled and already has a high quality, regional differences are still immense. You can see this, for example, in the calcium content. Maybe your kettle or coffee maker calcifies more with you than with friends or relatives who live a distance away. Passionate tea and coffee drinkers quickly notice different taste if they drink the same product at different locations. The difference is the water. For the preparation of beverages, it is therefore important to use pure water, because only then can the flavours develop properly.

Due to the reverse osmosis filtration, the drinking water from the Jungbrunnen 25-00 is particularly receptive. When drunk as water, it is ideal for internal cleansing and detoxification of the body. The Jungbrunnen 25-00 is another innovative product without compromise from ArtAqua International. It promotes health, saves time and money, always delivers water at three temperature levels, impresses with its elegant design, and is labour-saving.

With the Jungbrunnen 25-00 water dispenser from ArtAqua, you get four devices in one. It filters, cools, heats and provides pure drinking water, so whether you are in the office, the break room, or in your home, you always have a chance to obtain the water you need.

– up to 75% cost savings
– always hot and cold water
– brew function
– ease of use
– compact design
– simpler filter change
– up to 200 litres of pure drinking water per day

RRP (excl. VAT)  1,995 €    contact for orders:  inform@artaqua.co

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