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Our newest model ArtAqua-WW100 for Desalination leaves almost no brine (less than 2%) behind and requires only minimal energy input. (75% less energy than average RO systems).

In combination with Art Aqua’s Skov membrane mineralisation makes it a mountain spring water quality that serves as a natural health supplement at 1013 Hertz with pH 7.8 while it stays fresh for at least 180 days without any chemicals such as chlorine. 

                                                                           Matthias Enzenhofer (left) & R. T. Niemeyer                                                     

                                                                            ArtAqua WW100 “sprinter” fits into 20ft container

For testing and demonstration purposes we are  offering our containerised unit at reasonable costs.

Please watch the animated video here: 








In combination with ArtAqua purification technology, even desalinated water becomes a healthy supplement: 



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