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prototype ArtAqua HPF 1.5

ArtAqua’s hybrid floating hydro power system (HPF) generates power even in slower flowing rivers and canals with less depth of water as shallow as 700mm. Units available from 1.5 to 10 KW. No heavy construction or civil engineering works required. Constant 220 V supply guaranteed. No harm to fish or ecology whatsoever. 


ArtAqua’s Hydrogen Power Float (HPF) breakthrough technology converts over 60% of the available energy in flowing water to electricity at speeds as slow as 2.0 mph (0.9 m/s). ArtAqua’s HPF will produce power as low as $0.05 per kW-hour at 5.5 mph (2.46 m/s) and lower than $0.15 at 4 mph (1.78 m/s). No other technology in this low speed realm, has proven this breakthrough for water-powered electricity. This is a new era of energy capture due to ArtAqua’s new blade design technology that simultaneously provides high lift and high drag. When fully deployed, ArtAqua – technology will help meet the United Nation’s 2030 goal of sustainable development, bringing electricity to more than 2 billion people. Rivers, canals, and major ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream are all venues for ArtAqua’s HPF and contain all the energy needed to power the planet without carbon emissions. Unlike propeller turbines submerged within water flow speeds that must be in excess of 6.5 mph and are harmful to the environment, the ArtAqua HPF is inexpensive, simple, robust, can easily be installed, and doesn’t harm marine life.


ArtAqua HPF 1.5 for sale FOB at 34,995 US$ excl. VAT

               HPF 5                         at 49,995 US$ excl. VAT

               HPF 10                       at 69,995 US$ excl. VAT


contact: Mrs. Linda Sommerschütt     eMail: sommerschuett@artaqua.co