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The vacuum impulse drying method is innovative and is a drying with variable operating parameters, which avoids excessive heating and “over-drying” of the surface layers of the product, while maintaining the appearance and natural taste of various pastes, extracts, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, their useful properties, nutritional and biological value. Drying using a chamber with this method is universal, allows you to get a wide range of products, including dry powders.

The developed technology of innovative drying processes is based on the world experience presented in leading foreign publications: Drying Technology, Food Drying Science and Technology, Drying Technologies in Food Processing etc.





The technological process of drying fruit and berry raw materials includes the following main operations:

  1. Preparation of raw materials. Incoming raw materials are subjected to removal of mechanical impurities, washing, inspection and cutting/grinding. Cutting options can be completely different: cubes, slices and rings for chips, slices, straws, etc. at the request of the customer.
  2. Drying in a special drying complex. You can also dry the cake, peel and core (amniotic fluid), obtained by peeling and cutting fruits, as well as juices, thick extracts, cheese, honey.
  3. Unloading of finished products and packaging.


The use of vacuum impulse drying, combined with convective drying and vacuum steam modes in one chamber, allows the drying process to be carried out with a reduction in time by several times while maintaining the original quality, this is especially noticeable when drying dense products with an undeveloped surface (pieces, slices).

This type of drying avoids the problems of product deterioration such as shrinkage, reduced rehydration capacity, loss of taste, aroma and color, loss of nutritional value, and the need for blanching of products.

During the process, the product does not oxidize, the drying time is reduced, and the quality of the product is improved.

The process is comparable to freeze-drying, but has a simpler hardware design, and is cost-effective in tonnage production. Dry products obtained using innovative technology are a serious competitor in terms of price and quality to products obtained by the classical drying method.

When completing the equipment, it is possible to optionally use a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide as a working agent, this makes it possible to obtain products of the highest quality from fresh raw materials, superior to sublimation ones.



Equipment advantages:

  • low specific energy consumption per 1 kg of evaporated moisture;
  • energy consumption of about 1 kWh/kg of the finished product (two times less than any dryers);
  • drying of products is carried out at a low temperature – +300С … +450С;
  • drying of products is carried out at a high speed;
  • reliability and high payback.


Dried Food Benefits:

  • shelf life of dried products from 2 years without the use of additional preservatives with the use of barrier materials;
  • the dried product is lighter and more transportable;
  • storage conditions at any minus temperature up to + 20 оС;
  • the dried product has a high energy value due to the concentration of carbohydrates, proteins and other valuable nutrients, the quality of which is practically unchanged during storage.


Technology advantages:

  • universal to processed raw materials;
  • assortment – more than 50 items of plant raw materials.


2.5 t plant RRP 1,995,000 US$             10 t plant RRP 4,995,000 US$ 


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Vaccum Drying Technology Technical Data Sheet