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With vast experience in the water treatment industry, ArtAqua can quickly and accurately answer all of your water filtration queries.

ArtAqua has developed and patented a revolutionary pressure filter using newly developed and patented combined technologies which offers significant advantages over existing filtration technologies

This method of operation, together with the unique design of internal components,  allows  for much higher rates of filtration resulting in substantial savings on capital, running and maintenance costs.

The ArtAqua Technology has been robustly tested.

Filtration Operation:

The ArtAqua patented system design ensures that the water to the filter media interface is maintained and all incoming flux is distributed evenly across the filter bed. This ensures that the filter bed is used to its maximum efficiency and enables our high efficiency sand filter to maintain its definition even when filter flow rates and pollution loads are varied.

Backwash Operation:

The ArtAqua patented system is designed  to perform the most efficient backwash achievable, this ensures the ongoing day to day efficiency of the filter media is maintained. The design of our high efficiency sand filter means it does not require air scour assistance, thus reducing the capital costs and ongoing maintenance expenditure.


  • Variable Filtration Velocities
  • 100% Backwash Performance – without air scour
  • Robust Construction
  • Reduction of BOD. COD. Iron  etc.
  • G.R.P. filter options available
  • 316 Stainless Steel filter options available – Fully Recyclable & Environmentally Friendly
  • Removes 99.2% of Cryptosporidium – Proven by Independent Testing
  • Reduced Footprint
  • Less Backwash Water Consumption
  • Low Maintenance
  • Varying Media and range available for different applications
  • Capacity range from 3000 l/h to 4,000,000 l/hr

Desalination in Jebel Ali, UAE


Desalination is a process that removes dissolved minerals, including but not limited to salt, from seawater, brackish water or treated waste water.

Using the ArtAqua Technology gives significant technical and commercial advantages over existing filters in this area.
One of the largest suppliers of desalination plants in the world incorporated the ArtAqua Technology into an offshore sulphate removal plant, the ArtAqua Technology acted as a pre-treatment of 4,000 cubic metres of seawater per hour.

Car wash

ArtAqua’s 100 unit producing 100,000 l/24 h

ArtAqua’s innovative Filtration technology is being applied in various industries:

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

ArtAqua Technology can be used in the treatment of process water within the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, allowing for water reclamation for re-use or water polishing prior to final discharge.

Due to the construction of the ArtAqua filtration unit from 316 stainless steel, the filter is one of the few filters that is able to handle hot liquids that may be required to be used in sterilization and cleaning. It is also possible to have the internals manufactured from stainless steel and to have the filter units made taller and slimmer if necessary, so reducing the footprint required.


The ArtAqua filter is installed in Merlin Car Auctions Ireland and has proven to be very successful . The water after washing is pumped into a holding tank and allowed to settle, the heavy solids being retained in the tank and removed when required. The oil and grease is retained in an oil trap and can be removed as required or automated for the removal of the oil. The used water is then filtered through an ArtAqua filter and recycled giving a closed loop system. The only additional water required is to replace water loss during the washing process. All vehicles sold in the auction rooms are pre-washed before sale, giving a very high through put.

Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

Desalinised water is required on offshore oil and gas platforms and Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) systems, for portable water and various production processes. Due to the limited footprint available on these platforms and FPSO’s, the industry dictates that smaller pre-treatment solutions are required.

Pilot tests carried out on ArtAqua’s Technology confirmed,that at higher velocities the ArtAqua Technology will reduce the silt density index (SDI) to the levels required prior to filtration by reverse osmosis (RO) systems. The ability of the ArtAqua Technology to operate at high velocity means a reduction in vessel size, thereby reducing the overall footprint of the system, saving space and money.

The ArtAqua Technology is currently being utilised as part of a sulphate removal system and desalination plant onboard an offshore application.

Dairy Processing

ArtAqua’s Technology can be used in process applications within the dairy industry. Benefits include longer lifespan of processing plant, reduced maintenance costs and better quality filtrate.

The ArtAqua Filter will enable sterilisation of the filter equipment using high temperature liquids if required without having any adverse effect on the equipment.

Fruit & Veg Preparation

ArtAqua Filters are being tested for cleaning of fruit at packaging operators enabling the the water in the cleaning unit to be filtered and used in a closed loop for recycling.

The ArtAqua unit has been fitted in line with the existing settlement filters and the final recycled water is of very high quality.  The water discharged is constantly monitored and based on the results, permission has been granted from the water authority to recycle the water within the plant for cleaning of equipment and their transport fleet.


ArtAqua Technology is environmentally safe and is perfect for use as a filtration system for both salt and fresh water aquariums. The filtrate quality produced by ArtAqua Technology ensures that aquarium water is kept at its best, resulting in a better environment for all aquatic life within the aquarium and also ensures optimum viewing pleasure for the public.

In addition due to construction of the filter unit being 316L stainless steel, corrosion is not an issue. It requires minimal maintenance to keep the unit operating at its optimum efficiency. The unit is also able to handle hot liquids that may be required for cleaning bacterial contamination.

Pollutant Effluent and the Environment

Bodies of water such as lakes, rivers and oceans all have a limited capacity to process polluted effluents discharged from industrial, agricultural and expanding urban uses. Furthermore, water quality degradation can be a major cause of water scarcity.

Water pollution has a devastating effect on wildlife and humans. It has even been suggested that water pollution is one of the main causes of death and disease and is responsible for thousands of deaths per day around the world.

The EU has devised the Water Framework Directive (WFD), designed to achieve “good water status” in all European waters by 2015. All Member States have to ensure that a coordinated approach is adopted to meet with the overall objectives. Some of the objectives of the WFD are as follows:

  • To provide for enhanced protection and improvement of the aquatic environment by reducing / phasing out of discharges, emissions and losses of priority substances.
  • To promote sustainable water use based on long-term protection of available water resources.
  • To provide for sufficient supply of good quality surface water and groundwater as needed for sustainable, balanced and equitable water use.
  • To protect and enhance the status of aquatic eco systems.

The ArtAqua Technology can play a key role in meeting the guidelines set down in the Water Framework Directive. Using the ArtAqua Technology can reduce the amount of industrial discharge by recycling the process water. It can also reduce the amount of pollution and particulate matter being introduced back into the environment upon discharge.

The license granted for discharge is 10 suspended solids (S/S) mil-grams per litre. Once the filter has been fitted readings of 3 S/S mg per litre can be achieved on a constant basis. Before the installation readings were close to or just above the limit.

Standard Unit 100 processing 100 t/24h      74,995 US$ (excl. VAT) FOB

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