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Art Aqua is expanding further in the South African water market with a second source in Citrusdal in the Western Cape Province after having found a first one at the Sabie River in Hazyview. While the bottling plant in Hazyview will supply the North and East of South Africa, the bottling plant in Citrusdal is perfectly located to serve the South and West of the country cutting down long distance distribution through the Grand Karoo which is also important in terms of carbon footprint.

Located in the beautiful mountain region of Citrusdal our new source is already supplying the citrus farm that is part of the property. Romantically located holiday cottages invite for visiting us and enjoying the tranquility and magnificant view while drinking the purest water of Africa.

By using the ArtAqua molecule filtering systems we make sure that you’ll have access to drinking water of optimum quality at all times.

As the pore size diameter from the reverse osmosis membrane of 0.1 nanometre (one millionth of millimetre) or 0.0001µ is within the size of the smallest molecules, reverse osmosis is also termed molecule filtration. Only water molecules are small enough to get through the pores.

This fact is the reason why ArtAqua – filtration systems are the only ones worldwide to filter radionukleides such as Cs 137 from water by 99.2% and are currently being used under the roof of ROS (ROA) in Fukushima Daiichi.

The heart of each filtration device is a multi-layer membrane made of organic polymers. The process which has successfully occurred for millions of years within the natural environment and which is being destroyed by humans, can be reversed in the case of water using laser technology.

R T Niemeyer & Konrad A. Schmidt

The concept of ArtAqua water filtration is close to nature. Water flowing from our taps has little to do with a healthy, full of energy water similar to one of the artesian springs. This fresh and delicious spring water very often comes from water resources that are hundreds of meters under the ground and need thousands of years to become ready for use and to flow from under the ground again.

ArtAqua water is similar to the water from an artesian spring. With a vibration frequency of 1013 Hertz this water has the same bioresonance as the vibration energy that regulates the function for our cells.
This energy, in form of biophotons, activates our body cells and protects them from a harmful influence of the environment. As a result, this water is the best remedy cleaning of body cells and the whole body.

But, what would the purest water be good for if it is contaminated by Biosphenol A (BPA) and microplastic? ArtAqua water comes in special bottles and containers made from Tritan, absolutely BPA-free.

500ml, 750ml, 1 liter Tritan-bottles the ecological solution replacing cancerous PETE by 100% recyclable Polymer


Most bottled so called “mineral waters” are today being sold only in plastic bottles that pollute the water with polymer. Not so our ArtAqua water! 

100% MADE IN GERMANY! 100% ecological.

Both plants will be operated by ArtAqua’s South African entity Number1Water Pty (SA) Ltd.

There are still 2,500 of 10,000 shares of Number1Water Pty (SA) Ltd. up for sale, ideally to a cooperation partner. One share is sold for 5,000 ZAR.

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Art Aqua is a proud member of the UN global compact