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Our Technology

Prof Dr Khamizov

scientist and inventor Dr. Ruslan Khamizov (left), in the centre at that time Duma President Boris Gryzlov, right Radiy – President Magomet Konov


The basic information about our 100% ecological technology:

[compressed] Radiy Company Profile

We successfully participated in the Japanese Government’s Fukushima – tender

Solution for Fukushima

The German scientist and radiation expert Dr Christoph Zink designed a map that shows the contamination levels in Japan and compares those with the analysis from Chernobyl,  26 years after the disaster.

Fallout lt. NISA Okt. 2012_ rot = Cs-Kontamination wieTschernobyl-Überprüfungszonen

media report on Fukushima:

Fukushima nuclear power accident 2011 worse than Chernobyl

We are now seeking joint venture partners for implementing our technology in other countries, such as in South Africa:


Information auf Deutsch:

ART AQUA – Deutsch

For Japan we use the Best Water system featuring our filter:

BestWater – Japanisch

We also formed a strategic alliance with Best Water to market household devices featuring our technology, here a Spanish description:


and we also serve public institutions such as schools, hospitals, restaurants and hotels with an enhanced device:


For remote areas such as Deserts where there is no electricity we designed our

Art Aqua 111-00

and for crisis and war zones we have our newest mobile unit that can be deployed by helicopter virtually anywhere on this planet within 24 hours

Art Aqua Crisis Response Unit C-1000 providing 10 cubic meter of water per day