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About Us

Art Aqua Technologies Ltd. and Number1Water Pty (SA) Ltd. are partners and jointly provide the technology and service for you.
For more information, please feel free to contact Directors:
  • Konrad A. Schmidt: schmidt@artaqua.co          +27 76 729 6405
  • Ralph T. Niemeyer: niemeyer@artaqua.co        +971 58 636 3005
  • Steven Cady, General Manager North America: cady@artaqua.co 
  • Central & Eastern Africa: leman@artaqua.co
  • Southern Africa: mpofu@artaqua.co
South African Directors:
  • Phil Meyer: phil.meyer@artaqua.co
  • Werner Müller: mueller@artaqua.co
All payments for orders are to be made to:
First National Bank 
Account No.: 62782257820
Branch Code: 250655 S.W.I.F.T. FIRNZAJJ
Beneficiary: Number1Water Pty
Art Aqua Technologies Ltd. is registered in the Republic of Ireland as well as in South Africa as Number1Water Pty (SA) Ltd.
No.: 2018/478343/07
at 1108 Pepper Street
Cape Town 8001
Rep. of South Africa